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Bazooka BTA6100 Amplified Powered 6 Subwoofer Bass Tube

Bazooka BTA6100 Amplified Powered 6 Subwoofer Bass Tube
Bazooka BTA6100 Amplified Powered 6 Subwoofer Bass Tube
Bazooka BTA6100 Amplified Powered 6 Subwoofer Bass Tube

Bazooka BTA6100 Amplified Powered 6 Subwoofer Bass Tube    Bazooka BTA6100 Amplified Powered 6 Subwoofer Bass Tube

Product SKU: 3018 ID: bta6100. Amplified Powered 6 Subwoofer Bass Tube. Adding quality bass to your car has never been easier! With the Bazooka bass tube, installing a subwoofer becomes fast, simple, and provides excellent results. No matter what size of vehicle you have, Bazooka has a bass tube solution for you.

Included in the box is a factory interface harness that is compatible with all cars. It does not matter if you have a compact Mini Cooper or a full size Chevrolet Suburban, the Bass Tube will give your vehicle low bass that it was lacking with it's factory audio system. When a subwoofer is installed, you will experience a 30% increase in your music. Bass is necessary to complete the sound stage of any listening experience.

It is the subwoofer in the car's audio system that gives music its fullness and enhances the playback of each instrument's sound. For quality bass you can rely on, a Bazooka Bass Tube is exactly what you are looking for! How Do I Install a Bazooka Bass Tube?

What's in the Box? Bazooka Powered 6 Amplified Bass Tube. Built-in 2-channel class A/B amplifier. 6 Dual voice coil woofer with treated foam surround.

Paper cone with polypropylene dust cap. Bazooka's Patented Tube Enclosure. Fuse: 7.5 Amp inline. Dimensions: 18-1/2" L x 6-3/4" W x 8 H. Bazooka Bass Tube Unique Features.

Grill The grill is both decorative and protective, preventing the Subwoofer from accidental damage from other items, such as golf clubs, groceries or book bags that might be tossed into the cargo area where the Bazooka Woofers are typically mounted. Woofer Bazooka's highly efficient, customized woofers are specially designed and reinforced for use in the Bazooka Bass Tube enclosure, producing a pure piston action and generating the maximum bass output possible. Edge Roll All Bazooka Woofers used in Bass Tube enclosures feature large, high excursion, lightweight foam edge rolls to maximize their efficiency and overall bass output. Tube Enclosure A tube is a natural pressure vessel, and Bass is about pressure. The patented Bass Tube enclosure creates a natural, uniform, hydraulic transfer of the Bass energy produced by the woofer.

Port The port opening between the Tube Enclosure and the Port Tube allows for efficient transfer of bass. Bass Tubes enclosures utilize "Bass Reflex" technology to take advantage of both the forward and backward of the woofer, wasting no bass energy. Port Tube The bass energy created by both the forward and backward motion of the woofer are time aligned so that 100% of the woofer's output is concentrated into one output point. Acoustic Damping Fiber The acoustic damping material helps lower the resonance of the enclosure and simulates an increased air space. Integrated Amplifier The integrated amplifiers are performance matched to the specific woofers used in Bass Tube enclosures to ensure that every watt of power is efficiently turned into bass performance.

Having the amplifier integrated into the enclosure simplifies the installation and eliminates power loss. Corner Loading Bass Tube enclosures are specifically designed to take advantage of the natural amplification characteristics that occur when a subwoofer is placed into the corner of a vehicle. The corner acts like a megaphone, substantially increasing bass performance. Back to top of description. The bass tube comes with straps to keep the sub securely mounted, while still making removal quick and easy if you need even more cargo room.

Optional Chrome-Plated UMS Brackets give a flashier look, as well as a more secure, permanent mounting when removal isn't a problem. Bazooka BTA6100 BT Series 6-Inch 100W Class A/B Amplified Tube. THD at Rated RMS Power. Paper Cone with Polypropylene Dust Cap. Control the volume/level of your bass and amplifier from the front of the vehicle. Universal Remote Level Control for Car Amplifier/Amp Bass/Input. Black Handle Stainless Steel Utility Knife. NVX Black Handle Stainless Steel Utility Knife.

Get the most sound out of your new subwoofer with some high quality sound dampening material. It will keep the road noise out and the music inside the car. Trunk Kit - 20 Square Feet of Sound Dampening Material (Five 18" x 32" Pieces). Dynamat Xtreme 20' Trunk Kit 19405. Trunk Kit with (5) Dynamat Extreme 18" x 32" Pieces.

Boom Mat Damping Material (050210). Ft Damping Material - (10 pk - 12-1/2" x 24" x 2mm). Policies for US and Canadian Customers. Return for replacement within: 30 days.

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Bazooka BTA6100 Amplified Powered 6 Subwoofer Bass Tube    Bazooka BTA6100 Amplified Powered 6 Subwoofer Bass Tube