Tube Integrated Amplifier

Leaf Audio PA-03/A-02 MKII Tube Preamplifier VU Meter 6N11 Integrated Amplifier

Leaf Audio PA-03/A-02 MKII Tube Preamplifier VU Meter 6N11 Integrated Amplifier

Leaf Audio PA-03/A-02 MKII Tube Preamplifier VU Meter 6N11 Integrated Amplifier   Leaf Audio PA-03/A-02 MKII Tube Preamplifier VU Meter 6N11 Integrated Amplifier
Leaf Audio A-02 210W Integrated Amplifier Phono Amplifier Two VU Meters Refers to FM300A Circuit. Features: - Sound characteristics: delicate and soft. High-frequency resolution extension is also very good, mid-frequency sound is beautiful, and low-frequency sound is powerful. It is recommended to use speakers over 86dB - Referring to the Swiss FM300A circuit, a pair of power tubes are added. The output power tube is 2SC32848 (for Sanken), which greatly increases the driving force - 1% pairing of gold-sealed differential input tubes, 5% pairing of power tubes - With loudspeaker protection circuit, overload, output DC and power-on delay protection functions - 2 VU meters, driven by rms compression circuit, featuring even and beautiful swing - The transformer for Nippon Steel is customized with a 500W ring, with internal sealing treatment, low magnetic flux leakage, and low noise (note that the hum is caused by mains interference) to provide powerful thrust and good damping coefficient for the machine - 50A rectifier and 47200uF filter capacitor effectively reduce internal resistance and improve SNR - Volume potentiometer for ALPS reliable and durable to use without noise - Capacitors for Nichicon and some high-quality capacitors play a key role in tuning; resistors are all high-quality brands such as for Philips and Panasonic - With phono amplifier circuit, it can be used with MM and MC record players - Treble and bass adjustment circuit with direct switch to solve the problem of insufficient treble and bass in some songs - Four groups of audio inputs - Premium all-aluminum chassis with beautiful appearance Specifications: - Working voltage: 110V-220V - Output power: 120W at 8O; 210W at 4O distortion.

Leaf Audio PA-03 MKII Tube Preamplifier w/ VU Meter 6N11 Standard Balanced Version Refer To ARC LS22. Description: Standard Balanced Version features transformers for input and output, with a set of balance interfaces for input and output separately. It uses 4 pieces of thin film alloy + oxygen-free copper wire winding, the package is shielded by copper foil for 3 layers, the frequency response is flat.

The measured frequency response is 20Hz -22KHz ±0.1DB (better than most audio transformers). The sound through the audio transformer is detailed and clear, dynamic and wide, and very friendly to ears.

Referring to the circuit for American Audio research LS22, it adopts a balanced dual mono design. The sound of this preamp is smooth and durable, high frequency extension is good, middle and low frequency mellow, deep dive, it gives people the feeling that it is very quiet and suitable for listening for a long time at a moderate speed. The even harmonics of -60dB make the sound more rounded and durable! Sound Characteristics: Use thin-film alloy transformer for conversion, the dynamics are better than the single-ended version, and the voice is sweet Functional Features: 1. Optional power supply upgrade kit (refer to German power black box for OCTAVE tube amplifier) 2.

RCA ports are changed to rhodium-plated RCA 3. Potentiometer for ALPS27, with good sound quality and better reliability 4. Increase the partition between the circuit board and the transformer to prevent interference 5.

The specially designed relay input selection circuit will not cause the sound of other groups to crosstalk the current channel (this problem will occur in many machines) 6. Output delay design to prevent the DC output impact of power amplifiers and speakers 7. Two groups of high voltage adopt op amp servo + FET for voltage stabilization, low temperature wave, high speed, quieter background, better sound quality reproduction 8. The hand swing can turn off (only the hand swing can be turn off, not the light) 9. Equipped with treble and bass adjustment function, which can also be turn off (relay switch).

The tone circuit has no common bass mixing and treble harshness 11. The electrolysis of the power supply part and the red for WIMA are consistent with the parameters of the original machine, and the sound is neutral and balanced 12. Transformer: Japan Z11 EI86 iron core 90W 13. Chassis: All aluminum standard size: 430330100mm, with VU meters, weight 10KG, upper cover without screw, large R angle at the edge, perfect CNC technology, there is no better case than ours at the same price 14.

Standard electron tube: Chinese 6N11 electron tube x 4 can be replaced by E88CC, 6922 and 6DJ8 15. Output: Balanced version boasts 2 groups of RCA+1 group of XLR balanced output at the same time 16. The position of each tube is specific (tested with the instrument in the best condition), please not insert it randomly, otherwise it will affect the effect. Full balance requires 2 machines. Components for WIMA and coupling capacitors are second-hand. Please make sure that you don't mind before purchasing. Filament AC power supply is an optional function (cancelled by default).

Only the machine is included, accessories are not included in the package. Usually it cost about 35USD-50USD. If you receive defective item, please kindly notify us within 14 days.

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  • Optional models: Leaf Audio PA-03
  • Model: PA-03/A-02
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Type: Integrated Amplifier
  • Features: Digital
  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Unbranded
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime

Leaf Audio PA-03/A-02 MKII Tube Preamplifier VU Meter 6N11 Integrated Amplifier   Leaf Audio PA-03/A-02 MKII Tube Preamplifier VU Meter 6N11 Integrated Amplifier